2008 D*C Guests: Beau Bridges - Erick Avari - Morena Baccarin - Pierre Bernard, Jr. - Torri Higginson - David Nykl - Terri Osborne - Robert Picardo - Cliff Simon - Jewel Staite

Star Gate: Offworld Fandom Track

Dragon*Con 2--2006-2009 - Atlanta, Georgia

From Marcia Patterson: Dear Stargate Fans---Thank you for all of the wonderful work that you gave during the creation and development of the Stargate Offworld track at Dragon*con! This area will eventually (I hope!) include an archive for those incredible events and experiences, so that we can share them always. There is a Stargate Multiverse track at Dragon*con. at href="http://sgoffworld.informe.com/portal.html">http://sgoffworld.informe.com/portal.html